Register for a Malaysian Domain Name

The Malaysian domain name registration process is controlled by the Government of Malaysia (GOM).  The GOM agency in charge of Malaysian domain name registrations is MYNIC.  MYNIC appoints resellers in Malaysia to sell and register domain names for Malaysian domain name buyers.  Kognifi is appointed by MYNIC to resell Malaysian domain names.

Malaysian Domain Names for Sale

Malaysian domain names available for sale are .my,,, and a few more.  Read more on what domain names are available on the Malaysian ccTLD page.

Who can Buy Malaysian Domain Names

Only legal entities in Malaysia are allowed to buy Malaysian domain names.  These are Malaysian citizens, businesses and permanent residents.  In order to complete the domain name registration process, the domain name buyer will need to provide their identity card and business registration copies for verification.  It has to match the details as created by them in account area. 

Malaysian Domain Name Registration Process

Once verified, MYNIC will give approval for the domain name registration.  Kognifi, as an authorized reseller for MYNIC domain names, works with the buyer and MYNIC to complete the registration process.  this process can take around 4 hours to 48 hours, depending on the day and time of submission (factoring in the weekends and the many public holidays in Malaysia). 

Kognifi's automated integration with MYNIC for domain name purchase, speeds up this process.  Try it out, by searching for your business name in the domain name search bar.  See the instant results and checkout process.



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